It started from Popstars Audition…

CHIM story began from the audition of UK TV Reality Show PopStars- The Rival, in 2002. Back then, Chezza was still 19 y.o, and Kimba was 2 years old older. They both chosen as the winner to form the group of 5 girls which then known as Girls Aloud.

Baby Chim. Chezza 19 y.o. Kimba 21 y.o

Baby Chim. Chezza 19 y.o. Kimba 21 y.o

In my opinion, CHIM already feel the connection from the moment they lay eyes on each other. Atleast, they both aware of the attraction. But, perhaps, there’s possibility that they still not sure what’s going on, and continue with their “ordinary life” like Chezza said to be dating a fellow boy contestant during the show. It was admitted by both Chezza and the boy. (Chezza interview about dating the boy).

It is only make sense, that during that time, ‘baby’ CHIM haven’t define their sexual orientation yet. They probably did what every other teenage girls would be doing. Dating boys, etc. I won’t say that this means they were being closeted. I sincerely believe, during this period of teenage years, before they met each other, being growing up in small city, they probably haven’t even realize that any affection they have toward same sex peers would lead to something sexual. None of them, I think, had discovered the feeling of real “in love” yet. CHIM were just two ordinary girls back then.

The case became twisted, when they met each other during audition for the TV reality show. It clearly “crushed” – love at first sight – u may say. But definitely, nothing that both of them would instantly thinking as: “falling in love”. Although, that what they might have experienced that time. In one of the interview (you can check this out on youtube), Chezza said that she was right away felt something for Kimba, that was translated as “admiration” for her skin. Chezza found Kimba as “striking, beautiful, gorgeous, cool, and very attractive.” Sounds really smitten, right? ^-^

While Chezza being fierce person, dare to approach first, Kimba in the other hand stayed in her “cool” apparatus and just revealed “a tiny bit” of what she might really think of that moment.

and I just remember thinking – OOH, she’s so cute! – and she had that amazing dimple that i was just like – ughh, I’m so jealous of that dimple – Kimberley

When it all started to blossom then? Well, we would never know for sure, unless they decided to go frontal -just say like- writing a book about it. LOL. But atleast, we were lucky enough to have many evidences to take a glimpse on their love journey – which i considered as one of the most amazing relationship, ever!



(Read an article covered chim story here)



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