Were there any bearding in CHIM?

Some speculated that CHIM using beards from some time. I never knew about bearding before until I started due dilligent about CHIM relationship. And ofcourse the one that really struck me is the article from blindgossip:


This particular blindgossip issue had been related to CHIM to many believers. There were several others. And it was all pointing out to the “fake relationship” CHIM done in public to deteriorate the truth about CHIM, and ofcourse, for publicity purpose.

But not until the very below “perfect timing” article posted by blindgossip that crowd suddenly screamed: CHIM!!


Yes, they just knew instantly this must be CHIM they were talking about,  becoz at the same time Chezza just brought his ‘allegedly’ secret lover – French No Man- on the show. But again, PR stunts works well in Chezza case that the “story” remains in the public eyes up till today.

The very latest I discovered that might precisely talking about CHIM, was this:


At the point the above article being published, Kimba already announced her future wedding plan with Chezza as the bridesmaid – “all over” media (well – atleast the one chosen). But what made CHIM suspected the most here, because the clue “out loud” using by blindgossip. So when everything matched, CHIMMERS could not doubt more. Yes, another CHIM story that they are indeed exist – they all jump excitingly.


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