When CHIM climb the mountain!

This was probably the most romantic thing CHIM ever did together. Climbing KILIMANJARO for charity purposed! *Sweet* It happened in March 2009.

kilimanjaro 2


CHIM moments were just thrilling! I also found an interesting web covering two insider reports about CHIM during the kilimanjaro climbing.


Denise  now known to be one of Kimba’s close friend. I also enjoy so much seeing the video shoot before they climbed the highest mountain in Africa. One particular moment was when they both asked “Who they gonna missed?” Both agree: Nothing! (a.k.a Nobody) *sooooo love love love….* If one ever believe there is no CHIM at all, they may better change their mind now. It was so obvious. Especially considering they were both claiming to have “man” in their life. Kimba with “boyfriend -teeettt beard” and Chezza with “footballer hubbie – teeetttt beard”.


You can see the rest of the video here. And the episode during CHIM climbing Kilimanjaro here.




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