Another CHIM Breath-taking Moment

Busted! Yes, I would say, CHIM totally busted in this video. Lol. It was one of those weary day for Girls Aloud, who were doing promo for their 10th anniversary tour and single. This time, they were doing interview for Kiss FM UK Radio. Chezza, definitely not in the mood for another boring session of radio interview, her mind was at something else! She kept giving this naughty gaze to Kimba, her wife. Lil peeked from the video below:



But Kimba look nervous and constantly giving an eyes sign to Chezza to be cautious at the camera on Kimba’s right side. Clip below as an example. See how kimba made the head and eyes movement to warn Chezza. This was when they were asked “Are girls allowed their man to blow off/to puff after being only in 2 months relationship?”.All the GA members said: “No!!!”; while Chezza making “a lil cutie pout face” to Kimba asserting that ‘they both not like that’ which led to Kimba making the ‘beware sign’ back while saying. “Nope, definitely not” for the answer.


There were also awkwardness, yet ‘thrilling’, moment when Kimba was being teased by the radio guy about her sexy body (“Now you know what strictly come to us”). You will see how Chezza did laugh trying to cover up her irritation followed by putting her hand inside her coat (as if like she wanted to fix her bra there lol – joking).

Anyhow I have so much fun watching the video. And it is another solid proof that CHIM still strong and exist (up to the time when video was taken, atleast).

Watch the whole interview here.


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