Chim Mutual Bond Kept Them Survive Till The Very End

When Chim were still in Girls Aloud, they were doing Ghost Hunting episode. This is probably one of the earliest “caught on cam” moment about their “strange” relationship. CHIM were the only one who survived ‘hunting the ghost’ till the very last. What interesting was the comment from a psychologist who was invited to witness the whole act and gave comment about it. He said,“I think Kimberley and Cheryl is still in there coz they built this some kinda mutual bond message to explore this together, so it’s almost the social pressure from that bond which is stopping (them) out and leaving actually. And that almost not the rational thing… I don’t think either of them want to be in there, but irrationally they are keeping each other in there. Which is the extraordinary thing…”

Kimberley and Cheryl built this some kinda mutual bond message to explore this together. Which is the extraordinary thing…

Well, the psychologist has said it all. He didn’t mean this “bond” as simple as “friendship” but it was more than that, he could see it. What is the bond that will keep two people engage in doing irrational thing together? That make two people able to posses extra power to explore the unknown? If one just think ‘Oh they just best friend’ that just like ridiculous. Sarah and especially Nicole are also their good buddy. Chezza even stayed with Nicole in the same flat. But they were excluded from CHIM irrationality. It was CHIM that kept on going despite they being very scared of the ghost. And that because they are couple. Definitely already one; during the video taken.

Now, the same exploration again, happened when CHIM climbed Kilimanjaro. It was obvious that physically, Cheryl was the weaker one. If she was alone in this journey, I think she might already given up when she got ill long before they reached the top. It was Kimberley, who made her want to continue and conquered the journey together.


If that wasn’t the sign of how big they love is toward each other, well.. I donno whatelse to say.



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