Chim is Strong Despite Cheryl’s Hatters

The Fayre Of St James - Outside Arrivals

It is a bit odd for me finding out hatters gushed negative comments over Chezza. She is said to be ‘overrated’. Well, I won’t put a fight on that issue, but I think the one ‘overrated’ is the hatter’s opinion itself.

Cheza singing ability is being mocked all the way. Comparing her with strong vocal singer like adele, mariah carey, etc; is not fair at all. Cheza managed to the top with full package embedded in her. I won’t say, her look is the only thing that ppl fancy. Her attitude is nothing but genuine and down to earth for all I know. Her mediocre voice is not something that she refuse to admit. But people who do believe in her, had helped her polished it and adding more ornaments that originally belong to her. Just say, her dancing ability and her taste in music and lyrics. I have heard some of Cheza’s songs, and I personally believe they all are just brilliant. The song she sang bring so much emotion ingrained in her voice, lyrics, and music. It was not by co-incidence that she gets some of it to the no.1 list.

I think Chezza case almost similar like Britney’s for US crowds. And yet, Britney accomplished to bring herself being the world  icon for pop music even greater than Christina Aguilera whom ppl thought has better voice.

I won’t say that I’m a diehard fan of Chezza. But it filling me up to see how she’s being bullied by so many criticisms from people who don’t even seem have better attitude toward life than her. If there’s one thing that bedazzled me of her, is the fact that she managed to coop with all the negativity in her life and continue doing what she love doing. I heard that she’s currently preparing for her next album. Knowing her previous, I myself can’t wait her next chapter in music.

Try listen to one of Chezza’s Only Human song here. This is one of my fave.

While all the world turning upside down, CHIM consistenly strong, I am sure. For they both each other’s backbone. Kimba always protects and defenses Chezza in her best possible way when asked by media.




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