Nicola’s Role in Chim Relationship

If you see CHIM in public, almost likely that you will also find Nicola (also member of Girls Aloud) in it. Among the 5 of Girls Aloud’s members, these 3 girls are the BFFs. It is not strange for woman to have group of BFF. I know I do, we are groups of 9 women who have been BFFs for 20 years now. So with that on mind, I feel like to scrutinize Chimola (Chim+Nicola) style of friends a bit.

For those believe in CHIM, they know that Nicola some sort of ‘the bait’ that diverted media’s attention toward ‘only’ CHIM. Nicola almost always invited in the “Chim party”. Even for long haul of holiday, you could still spot Nicola among these two.

Are they really BFFs, the Chimola? Of course they do. No doubt about it. To my eye, these three are the most talented members in Girls Aloud. They -three- have classy and elegant style, smart n yet easy going, and best of all they have their own niche in arts. Chezza with her R&B type of music, Kimberley with her musical theatre, and Nicola -the youngest and the most multi-talented one- pretty good in kinda ‘indie pop rock’ genre type of music, song writing, make up business, and the one I should really¬† ‘hat off’ on her is her social activities.

Now, pretty neat isn’t it to see the trio BFFs stick together even after the band splitted in 2013. What’s strange then? How CHIM ‘evidence’ even more spotted-on in this scenario?

Well, first and foremost, you need to have an experience of having group of female as your bestfriends. You may really getting well together, but taking deeper from the surface, you will find many fractions. There are always going to be someone who is closer to one of the girls among the others. And this sometime create jealousy. If you have 3 girls together, and the two among them seems to bond that tight, the third one definitely will step aside. It is no cool to be in the middle, listening to others giggling without us being able to understand what their joking about. And Nicola, seems to be in this occassion numerous time when she was with the CHIM. Even Sarah, the 4th members in Girls Aloud, who still live in UK (the 5th one, Nadine, moved to LA long ago), could not keep up with the Chim+ola, although I’m sure she wanted to. In the beginning, if you looking through Girls Aloud’s documentaries (I’ve seen many of them in youtube), Sarah-Kimberley were pretty close; also Sarah-Cheryl. But with the time goes by, she was soon realize being excluded and thus choose to retreat. Sarah’s act is natural thing. But Nicola? Cmoon, there must be a good explanation for it.

For me, the only logical explanation for that matter, is the CHIM existence. Nicola is not making friend with 2 entities. But she is a best friend of CHIM as a couple. She ships CHIM alrite! So that’s explained why Nicola never seems to be jealous on the Chezza and Kimba’s affinity, infact she looks really adore and ‘in love’ with them both, because she fancies them as two female having so much love and passion toward one another.

A quick peek on Nicola’s Instagram from the past:

nicola ig1

nicola ig2

And this particular one is interesting. Nicola put Cheryl’s name in the last sentence. It may seems nothing for those who never read Freudian Slip Theory, but for those familiar, it is an accidentally ‘slip’ of clue there by Nicola. If Cheryl wasn’t seeing as entity that -coupling- with Kimberley, Nicola would have said like this: “me and cheryl” a.k.a “we”; instead of this:

nicola ig3

At the end of the day, yes CHIMOLA are good buddies! And may their friendship last forever.


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