Kimstin: Kimberley & Justin, Are They For Real?

This topic is very sensitive. But I think, as Chim shipper, soon or later, I need to pin point my belief with the best possible way I can. Still I am hoping that it won’t be taken with a grain of salt.

As we all know, Kimberley already decided to tie the knot with her ‘allegedly’ long time boyfriend/fiance early this year. Justin had been known to be a “low profile” boyfriend for ages. To finally see them walking the aisle, after having baby “together”, seems predictable. Even Chimmers divided in opinion about this. Some says Kimba leaving Chezza and choose “a normal” life. Some says, Kimba is definitely straight and the one bi-curious/lesbian is Chezza alone. And the other even ‘jump on the bandwagon” by saying CHIM claimed was proven bogus.

Frankly speaking, as someone finding out CHIM ‘in the last minute’, almost at ‘the end of their era’, I would say it did ‘get’ me a little. I beginning to question the validity of CHIM existence. And worst, I was even begin to hate both Chezza and Kimba – for an absurd reason of feeling disappointed- by their ‘broken promises’.

I was in bifurcation to make decision which side of the story that I can rely the most. And thus when I decided: “the action is speaking louder than words”. I began  to crawl down old pictures of Kimba and Justin on the web. And my impression was:”Waw, they look stiffed!”. All the photos, in my opinion, very paparazzi’s well-prepared shoot. If there were Kimba and Justin captured during holiday, you will soon realized they were not alone, Kimba most likely to bring the whole family to cheer them up.

But not until I started watching some footages of them seeing together in front of live cam, that I finally shouted: “It’s fake!” soon gave me ‘strange’ relief. I remember 3 video in particular: 1. in one of Girls Aloud’s Off The Record episode; 2. All Star Family Fortunes; 3. All Stars Mr and Mrs

In the first two video, you will notice that the ‘stiffness’ continue. And it also shown how independent and strong Kimba was. Justin look like ‘the lady’ one compare to her. This haven’t yet down to discuss their chemistry. No sign of couple let alone ‘hot’ one. Hardly seen passionate body language between them. (Something that’s not rare found in CHIM – if not to say: impossible).

The third one definitely the biggest clue for me. I bet my money on, if there’s an expert in body language, they will right away detect ‘the set up’. If there is/was something sexual happened between Kimba and Justin, the way they wanted public to assume, I would laughing my ass off. Now, see the video for yourself, and make your own conclusion.

Another that public would probably missed, was when Kimba being interviewed as newly mummy. She was literally talking about Justin helping her squeezing her nipple for colostrum to breastfeed beloved Bobby. I donno about other, but for me that was just too much to chew. Me myself, have ‘enough’ experience with men. I’ve been married twice (before then I falling madly in love with another woman) and have a son from my 2nd. Never ever have I knew, that a man would do such a thing. Seeing a woman breastfeeding a child is awkward enough for general male population, let alone ‘milking’ her. I just have to speculate that Kimba might have no idea at all what is it like to marry a guy.

which fake

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