Did Cheryl Present During Kimberley’s Delivery?

According to Kimba’s official statement in media, Chezza arrived an hour after Bobby delivery. Well, won’t buy that in a million. I prefer to imagine otherwise. In one of the interview (watch it in youtube here), Chezza clearly overwhelmed about welcoming Bobby for the first time. “I’ve booked out a couple of weeks just to make sure I’m around!”

Cheryl Cole excitement on Kimberley Walsh giving birth: “I’ve booked out a couple of weeks just to make sure I’m around!”

And based on this source, Kimba gave birth in Thursday evening, 16.52pm to be exact. She was infact already suffered pre-labour construction pain in Wednesday, and might admitted to the hospital at the same day.

Where was Chezza? To general public, she was still in France with his newly hubby (beard). She made sure the ‘tale’ look convincing enough by letting pap’s shoots on their ‘holiday’ and letting the France dude to make short appearance in her ice bucket challenge video. But you know what, do you think that Chezza would want to miss her “wifey” giving birth to their first child, for the world? She was certainly not.

Chezza flew back to London just as soon as Kimba’s being admitted for labour. She was caught arriving in Heathrow with her beard in Wednesday (read the article here). Her facial expression look worried. She must be thinking about Kimba’s condition the whole time, and could not wait to be by her side.


In concluding thought, regardless of their “media drama”, both CHIM deserve ‘a tribute’ for their loyal-committed-passionate longterm relationship. If these duo manage to overcome the complexity of their situation well for over a decade, it is more than ‘ring the bell’ that their love is solid-proof!


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