A little ‘Psychoanalytic’ Study On Cheryl Girls Aloud Multiple Surnames

I realize, tis post title look ‘heavy’. But I do want to analyse Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini behaviour in changing her surname multiple time. I come accross an article discusing Cheryl’s ‘habit’ but in feminist perspective. I think the columnist may have barking up the wrong tree there.


Since this is my personal “CHIM home”, I am fully aware of my prerogative. Readers with vary in opinions are welcome. But still, I need to assert my point a view regarding this ‘out loud’.

From my observation, my understanding of Cheryl as character is someone with vigorous belief in her ‘self’ which later explained her fiesty, down to earth, and warm manners. I also considered her as feminist. She always look upset with any attempt on exposing female sexuality vulgarly. By all means, the “vulgar” definition about female sexuality may differ according to culture/nation/religious belief. Moreover, quoting Mel B (former Spice Girls’s member): “Cheryl is not bitchy at all…”

Not only Cheryl is not a bitchy girl, she also not a “weak” female. She’s infact the type of Alpha female, who can stand up and speak out for her opinion without fear. She’s very truth to her own nature. She disgraces male exert exploitation in female sexuality, and she did look uncomfortable with alpha male cavalier attitude (nope, I am not talking about Simon Cowell here).

She’s also not the type of person who ‘changing clothe’ from time to time, looking for identity. She’s strong – not weak – remember. Her assertiveness can also be trace in her firmly holds a notion, without much alterations over time.

So what’s up with her act in multi-surnames’ scheme which contradict her character?

Nope, I don’t think she was ashamed with her Tweedy root nor she think the name is not “selling” enough. The only reason, I can think of, is her insecurity in disclosing her sexual orientation. She’s trying to hide her lesbianism. She thought, it is only “natural” as “normal” woman to use her hubby’s name during marriage. She really scared on being outed, she neglected the fact, that her act upon changing surname multiple time in brief ‘well-organized’ plot, would look ridiculous up to horrendous. She is ‘impelled’ to transgress her own feminist nature, only to appear ‘straight-normal’ in public eye.

If not because Kimberley Walsh by her side, I am sure Cheryl already shattered by now. Because it is against her nature to act differently from what she really is. I think CHIM have passed long discussion about how to continue pursuing their dream to be POP STARS at the same time hold together as lover/soulmate. Both women seem to identify themselves not merely by their sexual orientation but also by their dreams and passions. Thus, the source of their vulnerability. External force to maintain the bearding acts, added more fuel to the fire.

In effort to be conclusived in this short writing, I say, Cheryl Tweedy might learned already as of now, that displaying her feminism will not automatically outed her. She needs to understand first hand to differentiate her true character from her hidden ‘fact’ of falling in love with the same gender. The same as she can be both “fashion icon” in her profession and maintain her tomboy-casual outfit at home.

15 outfit

Taken from Lily England (Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini’s PA) Instagram


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