Cheryl and Liam Payne Bearding Each Other

We are living in homophobic society. Bearding is part of the result of it. For gay celebrities, showing as het-couple with their beards are common knowledge. The industry in which they plunged into, pressed that notion for them to abide without question. It is “take it or leave it” situation.

So in my opinion, celebrity with bearding scenario, merely a victim. Yes, you can disagree by saying ‘everyone has the choice’, however… taken it in their perspective (the celeb), it won’t be a light decision to make.

And it is actually not strange to all of us, if we dare to take the same position into our own. Just say, if your financial completely entangled by your corporate policy, would it be easy for you to just back out and run whenever something against your will?

Now, let’s talk about CHIM and their bearding partners. At the moment, Kimba is considered ‘a happy married person’ complete with a child. While as for Chezza, she’s involved in the hype with One Direction’s member – Liam Payne. I have wrote about Kimstin (Kimba+Justin) the other day, so now to make it fair – let’s dig lil further on CHERIAM (Cheryl+Liam) relationship.

Cheryl had known Liam Payne for a long time. She was the one who judged him during X Factor’s audition which got him picked as one of -later known as- famous boyband One Direction (1D)’s member. They even might already goodfriend since then, knowing Chezza mentioned Liam during Ice Bucket Challenge video shooting (along with Pierce Morgan and Nicola Roberts) as the next candidate for the challenge. Both dear to Simon Cowell, so presumably, the setup was first proposed by him. Simon, for some, is no secret as closeted gay too. So Liam Payne is gay? I have no direct answer. But I can forward you to some of the ‘clues’ given by 1D shipper, particularly ZIAM shipper.

Who/what is ZIAM? Ziam is a nickname given by the stans who ship Zayn Malik (also 1D member) and Liam Payne relationship. From what I can see, it is not just a myth. They are really indeed a couple -almost similar like CHIM itself (some even believed ZIAM were married already). To be honest, at first, I only heard rumours about ZIAM, but not until I saw this footage made by ZIAM shipper that I am totally convinced:

See the footage here.

Seeing the video, I begin to wonder what made Liam now agree to beard with Chezza. From some of amateur video found in youtube, clearly Chezza is no longer in the mood to take the relationship look convincing. When they were off camera, Chezza look totally numb beside Liam. Example of this, back in mid May during Global Gift Gala Award, where CHERIAM appeared together as ‘lovely couple’. But off camera, they barely spoke to each other (article talking about it). There were actually pictures depicting that moment. But i am having trouble to find it again (perhaps later I will update this post).

So what’s going on with Chezza now? She doesn’t seem to enjoy bearding anymore. Does it have anything to do with Bobby being born? Perhaps. Because if we go back to the past, we would see how Chezza playing the bearding game pretty smooth with Ashley Cole. Although, don’t expect to see them caught snogging. The farthest thing they’ve ever done, was a quick-barely touch lips kissing.

As for Liam, perhaps, he’s doing this to take ‘a sweet revenge’ to his lover, Zayn Malik, who was taking the bearding role to their convenience initially. And CHIM? I think both mature women may have different viewpoint. I’ve read from someone claiming to know “the insider story” that Kimba had long being pushed by “the industry” to tie the knot. The reason for this, is not for Kimba sake but for Chezza, for she’s the one who is ‘The National Sweetheart’.

Honestly, I kinda still fumbling about CHIM reason to bearding. I know, that it was their decision based on mutual agreement. But who enjoy it the most? Which CHIM that is more reluctant to reveal their relationship to public? Is it Chezza or Kimba?

I may have to write this specific topic in different post. But as for now, for you CHIM doubter, just look at this way: on Camera – CHIM can not exist. But off camera – CHIM are at home happily with their cute lil son to raise.

Cheryl Cole Instagram post to Kimberley Walsh

Cheryl Instagram post when she missed Kimberley. This ornament is actually hanged on the wall of Kimba’s house.





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