The Risk to Bring Justin in Chim Family Picture

Life bring variety of family notion to the account. Celebrity’s life is not a marketing agenda to bring the image forward to the audiences. They just a sample of what type of life established within our real world.

Scrutinizing CHIM story meaning, we can not avoid the fact that one of them is picture perfect wife/mom. To my knowledge, it seems that CHIM’s definition of little family at this moment associated strongly with the involvement of 3rd party a.k.a sperm donor/biological father. Of course, they won’t be the first who choose this type of picture of harmonious family. Possibly, to their belief, Bobby is well-nurtured raised by 2 mummies, a daddy, and a step sister. Nothing is wrong within the limit, but don’t expect the decision will bring ace of the hole.

The consequences of every choices made always followed not far from it. First we need to understand, the background motives which lead to the option. I don’t think both Chezza and Kimba breathe inside the atmosphere of -what most people think as- perfect normal family since day one. We all aware with the fact, that both beautiful (inside and out) ladies, came from broken family (their parents divorced when they’r young). To that degree, the motives behind letting the Sperm Donor (Justin – suspected gay male) to involve in their new little family, might more related to their insecurity of revealing their ‘true relationship’ instead of for Bobby’s advantages, whether they would like to admit it or not.

Trying not to neglect the fact of how strong Cheryl is, I have to constantly bring up to my attention, that she is only woman and human afterall. In this regard, I personally don’t think, it would be easy for her to see the image of ‘complete happy’ family when witnessing Kimba-Bobby-Justin together. Despite of how much she love Kimba and taking Bobby as her own flesh and blood offpsring, she might be facing a bitter pill everytime the reality struck, that biologically she could never give Kimba what Justin could.

Not to mention, if we take the big family Tweedy-Walsh into consideration. Based on my apprehension, Walsh’s family willingly to welcome both Justin and Chloe (his daughter from 1st marriage) as their internal members, especially considering Bobby’s relation to them.

But how about Tweedy’s? I am sure it is not easy for them to accept Bobby as their own in the first place, not to mention if now they all aware of the fact that Bobby is belong to someone else instead of just Cheryl’s.

The big picture perfect family which CHIM trying to develop, might not end-up perfectly for Bobby’s sake – if they wanted to maintain Bobby as CHIM’s not Kimstin’s. Bringing Justin-Chloe as Bobby’s integral part, without questioned will omit the Tweedy’s outside the arena. Kimberley need to slap herself at this moment, that the one thing Bobby needs to bond with, for his entire life, is not with his blood-related parties, but with his other maternal’s lineage (Cheryl’s a.k.a Tweedy’s).

Are CHIM elready doing it, behind the curtain of public viewing? Let just see. CHIM have been bragging about their future children next to Bobby for awhile now. To my knowing, Chezza will definitely want a kid of her own this time. It would be fair for CHIM to have both genetic pedigree in their house. If my analytical thinking were correct, Chezza might not choose Justin as the donor, but someone else’s. Because let’s face it, Justin will always be ‘a threat’ and ‘enemy’ for Chezza’s unconscious mind, because he is after all the real ‘father’ of her first son, Bobby; and will always be the man that give her wife a son which she could never able to.


Final note, I sure hope, it wont wind up like this case.


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