The Writer

You can call me Mame. Nothing special about me other than just being an admirer. I am not professional writer or journalist, and I dont even speak english as my mother tongue. So, I bet you will find a lot of mistakes in english grammar along the way.

I am Aquarius, born in 79 era, female and a single mom. I am well-dressed on this life, formed by spritualist and humanitarian side of my birth chart. I value love above everything – well, it’s a statement that should stand above subjectivity- and I believe in true love and soulmate and twinflame.

When I first discovered Chezza in Youtube Highlights of UK X Factor TV Show, I was so touched by her demonstrating honest and pure emotion toward contestants taking her role as the judge. There were something that led me to suspect that Cheryl might be bisexual. This was my first endevour to discover my version of truth. And I got so very lucky, to come accross CHIM story. The real, hot, passionate LOVE, between female to female, that only in dream I could stumble upon.

It was by far: THE HOTTEST LESBIAN COUPLE in the world today! Find the story of CHIM here in my blog, covering their acts in the public and my effort to glimpse on some proofs that help pointed out my belief.