The Risk to Bring Justin in Chim Family Picture

Life bring variety of family notion to the account. Celebrity’s life is not a marketing agenda to bring the image forward to the audiences. They just a sample of what type of life established within our real world.

Scrutinizing CHIM story meaning, we can not avoid the fact that one of them is picture perfect wife/mom. To my knowledge, it seems that CHIM’s definition of little family at this moment associated strongly with the involvement of 3rd party a.k.a sperm donor/biological father. Of course, they won’t be the first who choose this type of picture of harmonious family. Possibly, to their belief, Bobby is well-nurtured raised by 2 mummies, a daddy, and a step sister. Nothing is wrong within the limit, but don’t expect the decision will bring ace of the hole.

The consequences of every choices made always followed not far from it. First we need to understand, the background motives which lead to the option. I don’t think both Chezza and Kimba breathe inside the atmosphere of -what most people think as- perfect normal family since day one. We all aware with the fact, that both beautiful (inside and out) ladies, came from broken family (their parents divorced when they’r young). To that degree, the motives behind letting the Sperm Donor (Justin – suspected gay male) to involve in their new little family, might more related to their insecurity of revealing their ‘true relationship’ instead of for Bobby’s advantages, whether they would like to admit it or not.

Trying not to neglect the fact of how strong Cheryl is, I have to constantly bring up to my attention, that she is only woman and human afterall. In this regard, I personally don’t think, it would be easy for her to see the image of ‘complete happy’ family when witnessing Kimba-Bobby-Justin together. Despite of how much she love Kimba and taking Bobby as her own flesh and blood offpsring, she might be facing a bitter pill everytime the reality struck, that biologically she could never give Kimba what Justin could.

Not to mention, if we take the big family Tweedy-Walsh into consideration. Based on my apprehension, Walsh’s family willingly to welcome both Justin and Chloe (his daughter from 1st marriage) as their internal members, especially considering Bobby’s relation to them.

But how about Tweedy’s? I am sure it is not easy for them to accept Bobby as their own in the first place, not to mention if now they all aware of the fact that Bobby is belong to someone else instead of just Cheryl’s.

The big picture perfect family which CHIM trying to develop, might not end-up perfectly for Bobby’s sake – if they wanted to maintain Bobby as CHIM’s not Kimstin’s. Bringing Justin-Chloe as Bobby’s integral part, without questioned will omit the Tweedy’s outside the arena. Kimberley need to slap herself at this moment, that the one thing Bobby needs to bond with, for his entire life, is not with his blood-related parties, but with his other maternal’s lineage (Cheryl’s a.k.a Tweedy’s).

Are CHIM elready doing it, behind the curtain of public viewing? Let just see. CHIM have been bragging about their future children next to Bobby for awhile now. To my knowing, Chezza will definitely want a kid of her own this time. It would be fair for CHIM to have both genetic pedigree in their house. If my analytical thinking were correct, Chezza might not choose Justin as the donor, but someone else’s. Because let’s face it, Justin will always be ‘a threat’ and ‘enemy’ for Chezza’s unconscious mind, because he is after all the real ‘father’ of her first son, Bobby; and will always be the man that give her wife a son which she could never able to.


Final note, I sure hope, it wont wind up like this case.


Cheryl and Liam Payne Bearding Each Other

We are living in homophobic society. Bearding is part of the result of it. For gay celebrities, showing as het-couple with their beards are common knowledge. The industry in which they plunged into, pressed that notion for them to abide without question. It is “take it or leave it” situation.

So in my opinion, celebrity with bearding scenario, merely a victim. Yes, you can disagree by saying ‘everyone has the choice’, however… taken it in their perspective (the celeb), it won’t be a light decision to make.

And it is actually not strange to all of us, if we dare to take the same position into our own. Just say, if your financial completely entangled by your corporate policy, would it be easy for you to just back out and run whenever something against your will?

Now, let’s talk about CHIM and their bearding partners. At the moment, Kimba is considered ‘a happy married person’ complete with a child. While as for Chezza, she’s involved in the hype with One Direction’s member – Liam Payne. I have wrote about Kimstin (Kimba+Justin) the other day, so now to make it fair – let’s dig lil further on CHERIAM (Cheryl+Liam) relationship.

Cheryl had known Liam Payne for a long time. She was the one who judged him during X Factor’s audition which got him picked as one of -later known as- famous boyband One Direction (1D)’s member. They even might already goodfriend since then, knowing Chezza mentioned Liam during Ice Bucket Challenge video shooting (along with Pierce Morgan and Nicola Roberts) as the next candidate for the challenge. Both dear to Simon Cowell, so presumably, the setup was first proposed by him. Simon, for some, is no secret as closeted gay too. So Liam Payne is gay? I have no direct answer. But I can forward you to some of the ‘clues’ given by 1D shipper, particularly ZIAM shipper.

Who/what is ZIAM? Ziam is a nickname given by the stans who ship Zayn Malik (also 1D member) and Liam Payne relationship. From what I can see, it is not just a myth. They are really indeed a couple -almost similar like CHIM itself (some even believed ZIAM were married already). To be honest, at first, I only heard rumours about ZIAM, but not until I saw this footage made by ZIAM shipper that I am totally convinced:

See the footage here.

Seeing the video, I begin to wonder what made Liam now agree to beard with Chezza. From some of amateur video found in youtube, clearly Chezza is no longer in the mood to take the relationship look convincing. When they were off camera, Chezza look totally numb beside Liam. Example of this, back in mid May during Global Gift Gala Award, where CHERIAM appeared together as ‘lovely couple’. But off camera, they barely spoke to each other (article talking about it). There were actually pictures depicting that moment. But i am having trouble to find it again (perhaps later I will update this post).

So what’s going on with Chezza now? She doesn’t seem to enjoy bearding anymore. Does it have anything to do with Bobby being born? Perhaps. Because if we go back to the past, we would see how Chezza playing the bearding game pretty smooth with Ashley Cole. Although, don’t expect to see them caught snogging. The farthest thing they’ve ever done, was a quick-barely touch lips kissing.

As for Liam, perhaps, he’s doing this to take ‘a sweet revenge’ to his lover, Zayn Malik, who was taking the bearding role to their convenience initially. And CHIM? I think both mature women may have different viewpoint. I’ve read from someone claiming to know “the insider story” that Kimba had long being pushed by “the industry” to tie the knot. The reason for this, is not for Kimba sake but for Chezza, for she’s the one who is ‘The National Sweetheart’.

Honestly, I kinda still fumbling about CHIM reason to bearding. I know, that it was their decision based on mutual agreement. But who enjoy it the most? Which CHIM that is more reluctant to reveal their relationship to public? Is it Chezza or Kimba?

I may have to write this specific topic in different post. But as for now, for you CHIM doubter, just look at this way: on Camera – CHIM can not exist. But off camera – CHIM are at home happily with their cute lil son to raise.

Cheryl Cole Instagram post to Kimberley Walsh

Cheryl Instagram post when she missed Kimberley. This ornament is actually hanged on the wall of Kimba’s house.




A little ‘Psychoanalytic’ Study On Cheryl Girls Aloud Multiple Surnames

I realize, tis post title look ‘heavy’. But I do want to analyse Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini behaviour in changing her surname multiple time. I come accross an article discusing Cheryl’s ‘habit’ but in feminist perspective. I think the columnist may have barking up the wrong tree there.


Since this is my personal “CHIM home”, I am fully aware of my prerogative. Readers with vary in opinions are welcome. But still, I need to assert my point a view regarding this ‘out loud’.

From my observation, my understanding of Cheryl as character is someone with vigorous belief in her ‘self’ which later explained her fiesty, down to earth, and warm manners. I also considered her as feminist. She always look upset with any attempt on exposing female sexuality vulgarly. By all means, the “vulgar” definition about female sexuality may differ according to culture/nation/religious belief. Moreover, quoting Mel B (former Spice Girls’s member): “Cheryl is not bitchy at all…”

Not only Cheryl is not a bitchy girl, she also not a “weak” female. She’s infact the type of Alpha female, who can stand up and speak out for her opinion without fear. She’s very truth to her own nature. She disgraces male exert exploitation in female sexuality, and she did look uncomfortable with alpha male cavalier attitude (nope, I am not talking about Simon Cowell here).

She’s also not the type of person who ‘changing clothe’ from time to time, looking for identity. She’s strong – not weak – remember. Her assertiveness can also be trace in her firmly holds a notion, without much alterations over time.

So what’s up with her act in multi-surnames’ scheme which contradict her character?

Nope, I don’t think she was ashamed with her Tweedy root nor she think the name is not “selling” enough. The only reason, I can think of, is her insecurity in disclosing her sexual orientation. She’s trying to hide her lesbianism. She thought, it is only “natural” as “normal” woman to use her hubby’s name during marriage. She really scared on being outed, she neglected the fact, that her act upon changing surname multiple time in brief ‘well-organized’ plot, would look ridiculous up to horrendous. She is ‘impelled’ to transgress her own feminist nature, only to appear ‘straight-normal’ in public eye.

If not because Kimberley Walsh by her side, I am sure Cheryl already shattered by now. Because it is against her nature to act differently from what she really is. I think CHIM have passed long discussion about how to continue pursuing their dream to be POP STARS at the same time hold together as lover/soulmate. Both women seem to identify themselves not merely by their sexual orientation but also by their dreams and passions. Thus, the source of their vulnerability. External force to maintain the bearding acts, added more fuel to the fire.

In effort to be conclusived in this short writing, I say, Cheryl Tweedy might learned already as of now, that displaying her feminism will not automatically outed her. She needs to understand first hand to differentiate her true character from her hidden ‘fact’ of falling in love with the same gender. The same as she can be both “fashion icon” in her profession and maintain her tomboy-casual outfit at home.

15 outfit

Taken from Lily England (Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini’s PA) Instagram

Did Cheryl Present During Kimberley’s Delivery?

According to Kimba’s official statement in media, Chezza arrived an hour after Bobby delivery. Well, won’t buy that in a million. I prefer to imagine otherwise. In one of the interview (watch it in youtube here), Chezza clearly overwhelmed about welcoming Bobby for the first time. “I’ve booked out a couple of weeks just to make sure I’m around!”

Cheryl Cole excitement on Kimberley Walsh giving birth: “I’ve booked out a couple of weeks just to make sure I’m around!”

And based on this source, Kimba gave birth in Thursday evening, 16.52pm to be exact. She was infact already suffered pre-labour construction pain in Wednesday, and might admitted to the hospital at the same day.

Where was Chezza? To general public, she was still in France with his newly hubby (beard). She made sure the ‘tale’ look convincing enough by letting pap’s shoots on their ‘holiday’ and letting the France dude to make short appearance in her ice bucket challenge video. But you know what, do you think that Chezza would want to miss her “wifey” giving birth to their first child, for the world? She was certainly not.

Chezza flew back to London just as soon as Kimba’s being admitted for labour. She was caught arriving in Heathrow with her beard in Wednesday (read the article here). Her facial expression look worried. She must be thinking about Kimba’s condition the whole time, and could not wait to be by her side.


In concluding thought, regardless of their “media drama”, both CHIM deserve ‘a tribute’ for their loyal-committed-passionate longterm relationship. If these duo manage to overcome the complexity of their situation well for over a decade, it is more than ‘ring the bell’ that their love is solid-proof!

Kimstin: Kimberley & Justin, Are They For Real?

This topic is very sensitive. But I think, as Chim shipper, soon or later, I need to pin point my belief with the best possible way I can. Still I am hoping that it won’t be taken with a grain of salt.

As we all know, Kimberley already decided to tie the knot with her ‘allegedly’ long time boyfriend/fiance early this year. Justin had been known to be a “low profile” boyfriend for ages. To finally see them walking the aisle, after having baby “together”, seems predictable. Even Chimmers divided in opinion about this. Some says Kimba leaving Chezza and choose “a normal” life. Some says, Kimba is definitely straight and the one bi-curious/lesbian is Chezza alone. And the other even ‘jump on the bandwagon” by saying CHIM claimed was proven bogus.

Frankly speaking, as someone finding out CHIM ‘in the last minute’, almost at ‘the end of their era’, I would say it did ‘get’ me a little. I beginning to question the validity of CHIM existence. And worst, I was even begin to hate both Chezza and Kimba – for an absurd reason of feeling disappointed- by their ‘broken promises’.

I was in bifurcation to make decision which side of the story that I can rely the most. And thus when I decided: “the action is speaking louder than words”. I began  to crawl down old pictures of Kimba and Justin on the web. And my impression was:”Waw, they look stiffed!”. All the photos, in my opinion, very paparazzi’s well-prepared shoot. If there were Kimba and Justin captured during holiday, you will soon realized they were not alone, Kimba most likely to bring the whole family to cheer them up.

But not until I started watching some footages of them seeing together in front of live cam, that I finally shouted: “It’s fake!” soon gave me ‘strange’ relief. I remember 3 video in particular: 1. in one of Girls Aloud’s Off The Record episode; 2. All Star Family Fortunes; 3. All Stars Mr and Mrs

In the first two video, you will notice that the ‘stiffness’ continue. And it also shown how independent and strong Kimba was. Justin look like ‘the lady’ one compare to her. This haven’t yet down to discuss their chemistry. No sign of couple let alone ‘hot’ one. Hardly seen passionate body language between them. (Something that’s not rare found in CHIM – if not to say: impossible).

The third one definitely the biggest clue for me. I bet my money on, if there’s an expert in body language, they will right away detect ‘the set up’. If there is/was something sexual happened between Kimba and Justin, the way they wanted public to assume, I would laughing my ass off. Now, see the video for yourself, and make your own conclusion.

Another that public would probably missed, was when Kimba being interviewed as newly mummy. She was literally talking about Justin helping her squeezing her nipple for colostrum to breastfeed beloved Bobby. I donno about other, but for me that was just too much to chew. Me myself, have ‘enough’ experience with men. I’ve been married twice (before then I falling madly in love with another woman) and have a son from my 2nd. Never ever have I knew, that a man would do such a thing. Seeing a woman breastfeeding a child is awkward enough for general male population, let alone ‘milking’ her. I just have to speculate that Kimba might have no idea at all what is it like to marry a guy.

which fake

Read: bearding in chim relationship

Nicola’s Role in Chim Relationship

If you see CHIM in public, almost likely that you will also find Nicola (also member of Girls Aloud) in it. Among the 5 of Girls Aloud’s members, these 3 girls are the BFFs. It is not strange for woman to have group of BFF. I know I do, we are groups of 9 women who have been BFFs for 20 years now. So with that on mind, I feel like to scrutinize Chimola (Chim+Nicola) style of friends a bit.

For those believe in CHIM, they know that Nicola some sort of ‘the bait’ that diverted media’s attention toward ‘only’ CHIM. Nicola almost always invited in the “Chim party”. Even for long haul of holiday, you could still spot Nicola among these two.

Are they really BFFs, the Chimola? Of course they do. No doubt about it. To my eye, these three are the most talented members in Girls Aloud. They -three- have classy and elegant style, smart n yet easy going, and best of all they have their own niche in arts. Chezza with her R&B type of music, Kimberley with her musical theatre, and Nicola -the youngest and the most multi-talented one- pretty good in kinda ‘indie pop rock’ genre type of music, song writing, make up business, and the one I should really  ‘hat off’ on her is her social activities.

Now, pretty neat isn’t it to see the trio BFFs stick together even after the band splitted in 2013. What’s strange then? How CHIM ‘evidence’ even more spotted-on in this scenario?

Well, first and foremost, you need to have an experience of having group of female as your bestfriends. You may really getting well together, but taking deeper from the surface, you will find many fractions. There are always going to be someone who is closer to one of the girls among the others. And this sometime create jealousy. If you have 3 girls together, and the two among them seems to bond that tight, the third one definitely will step aside. It is no cool to be in the middle, listening to others giggling without us being able to understand what their joking about. And Nicola, seems to be in this occassion numerous time when she was with the CHIM. Even Sarah, the 4th members in Girls Aloud, who still live in UK (the 5th one, Nadine, moved to LA long ago), could not keep up with the Chim+ola, although I’m sure she wanted to. In the beginning, if you looking through Girls Aloud’s documentaries (I’ve seen many of them in youtube), Sarah-Kimberley were pretty close; also Sarah-Cheryl. But with the time goes by, she was soon realize being excluded and thus choose to retreat. Sarah’s act is natural thing. But Nicola? Cmoon, there must be a good explanation for it.

For me, the only logical explanation for that matter, is the CHIM existence. Nicola is not making friend with 2 entities. But she is a best friend of CHIM as a couple. She ships CHIM alrite! So that’s explained why Nicola never seems to be jealous on the Chezza and Kimba’s affinity, infact she looks really adore and ‘in love’ with them both, because she fancies them as two female having so much love and passion toward one another.

A quick peek on Nicola’s Instagram from the past:

nicola ig1

nicola ig2

And this particular one is interesting. Nicola put Cheryl’s name in the last sentence. It may seems nothing for those who never read Freudian Slip Theory, but for those familiar, it is an accidentally ‘slip’ of clue there by Nicola. If Cheryl wasn’t seeing as entity that -coupling- with Kimberley, Nicola would have said like this: “me and cheryl” a.k.a “we”; instead of this:

nicola ig3

At the end of the day, yes CHIMOLA are good buddies! And may their friendship last forever.

Chim is Strong Despite Cheryl’s Hatters

The Fayre Of St James - Outside Arrivals

It is a bit odd for me finding out hatters gushed negative comments over Chezza. She is said to be ‘overrated’. Well, I won’t put a fight on that issue, but I think the one ‘overrated’ is the hatter’s opinion itself.

Cheza singing ability is being mocked all the way. Comparing her with strong vocal singer like adele, mariah carey, etc; is not fair at all. Cheza managed to the top with full package embedded in her. I won’t say, her look is the only thing that ppl fancy. Her attitude is nothing but genuine and down to earth for all I know. Her mediocre voice is not something that she refuse to admit. But people who do believe in her, had helped her polished it and adding more ornaments that originally belong to her. Just say, her dancing ability and her taste in music and lyrics. I have heard some of Cheza’s songs, and I personally believe they all are just brilliant. The song she sang bring so much emotion ingrained in her voice, lyrics, and music. It was not by co-incidence that she gets some of it to the no.1 list.

I think Chezza case almost similar like Britney’s for US crowds. And yet, Britney accomplished to bring herself being the world  icon for pop music even greater than Christina Aguilera whom ppl thought has better voice.

I won’t say that I’m a diehard fan of Chezza. But it filling me up to see how she’s being bullied by so many criticisms from people who don’t even seem have better attitude toward life than her. If there’s one thing that bedazzled me of her, is the fact that she managed to coop with all the negativity in her life and continue doing what she love doing. I heard that she’s currently preparing for her next album. Knowing her previous, I myself can’t wait her next chapter in music.

Try listen to one of Chezza’s Only Human song here. This is one of my fave.

While all the world turning upside down, CHIM consistenly strong, I am sure. For they both each other’s backbone. Kimba always protects and defenses Chezza in her best possible way when asked by media.



Another CHIM Breath-taking Moment

Busted! Yes, I would say, CHIM totally busted in this video. Lol. It was one of those weary day for Girls Aloud, who were doing promo for their 10th anniversary tour and single. This time, they were doing interview for Kiss FM UK Radio. Chezza, definitely not in the mood for another boring session of radio interview, her mind was at something else! She kept giving this naughty gaze to Kimba, her wife. Lil peeked from the video below:



But Kimba look nervous and constantly giving an eyes sign to Chezza to be cautious at the camera on Kimba’s right side. Clip below as an example. See how kimba made the head and eyes movement to warn Chezza. This was when they were asked “Are girls allowed their man to blow off/to puff after being only in 2 months relationship?”.All the GA members said: “No!!!”; while Chezza making “a lil cutie pout face” to Kimba asserting that ‘they both not like that’ which led to Kimba making the ‘beware sign’ back while saying. “Nope, definitely not” for the answer.


There were also awkwardness, yet ‘thrilling’, moment when Kimba was being teased by the radio guy about her sexy body (“Now you know what strictly come to us”). You will see how Chezza did laugh trying to cover up her irritation followed by putting her hand inside her coat (as if like she wanted to fix her bra there lol – joking).

Anyhow I have so much fun watching the video. And it is another solid proof that CHIM still strong and exist (up to the time when video was taken, atleast).

Watch the whole interview here.

Chim Mutual Bond Kept Them Survive Till The Very End

When Chim were still in Girls Aloud, they were doing Ghost Hunting episode. This is probably one of the earliest “caught on cam” moment about their “strange” relationship. CHIM were the only one who survived ‘hunting the ghost’ till the very last. What interesting was the comment from a psychologist who was invited to witness the whole act and gave comment about it. He said,“I think Kimberley and Cheryl is still in there coz they built this some kinda mutual bond message to explore this together, so it’s almost the social pressure from that bond which is stopping (them) out and leaving actually. And that almost not the rational thing… I don’t think either of them want to be in there, but irrationally they are keeping each other in there. Which is the extraordinary thing…”

Kimberley and Cheryl built this some kinda mutual bond message to explore this together. Which is the extraordinary thing…

Well, the psychologist has said it all. He didn’t mean this “bond” as simple as “friendship” but it was more than that, he could see it. What is the bond that will keep two people engage in doing irrational thing together? That make two people able to posses extra power to explore the unknown? If one just think ‘Oh they just best friend’ that just like ridiculous. Sarah and especially Nicole are also their good buddy. Chezza even stayed with Nicole in the same flat. But they were excluded from CHIM irrationality. It was CHIM that kept on going despite they being very scared of the ghost. And that because they are couple. Definitely already one; during the video taken.

Now, the same exploration again, happened when CHIM climbed Kilimanjaro. It was obvious that physically, Cheryl was the weaker one. If she was alone in this journey, I think she might already given up when she got ill long before they reached the top. It was Kimberley, who made her want to continue and conquered the journey together.


If that wasn’t the sign of how big they love is toward each other, well.. I donno whatelse to say.


When CHIM climb the mountain!

This was probably the most romantic thing CHIM ever did together. Climbing KILIMANJARO for charity purposed! *Sweet* It happened in March 2009.

kilimanjaro 2


CHIM moments were just thrilling! I also found an interesting web covering two insider reports about CHIM during the kilimanjaro climbing.


Denise  now known to be one of Kimba’s close friend. I also enjoy so much seeing the video shoot before they climbed the highest mountain in Africa. One particular moment was when they both asked “Who they gonna missed?” Both agree: Nothing! (a.k.a Nobody) *sooooo love love love….* If one ever believe there is no CHIM at all, they may better change their mind now. It was so obvious. Especially considering they were both claiming to have “man” in their life. Kimba with “boyfriend -teeettt beard” and Chezza with “footballer hubbie – teeetttt beard”.


You can see the rest of the video here. And the episode during CHIM climbing Kilimanjaro here.